Weekend of Gaming – November 2016

The MN218 Fear No Blizzard!

While a storm that dumped 12+ inches of snow across half of Mineesota in under 24 hours may have scared of lesser men, the MN218 are anything but. Traversing the Hoth like landscape, the clan one by one arrived at Species’ house Saturday morning.

Weekend Highlights:

  • Pwning Noobs
  • Trolling the in-game chat
  • Eating Jack’s Pizza
  • Introducing Spaceman to the joy of Age of Empires
  • Laughing endlessly to the steady stream of inside jokes

Ready to Pwn Noobs

Incase You Forgot Who We Are

So Much PC

One thought on “Weekend of Gaming – November 2016”

  1. “It was the best of times…” – Charles Dickens

    Well worth the 2+ extra hours it took on top of the 3 that it should’ve taken to get there. AoE FTW ?

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