Rockstar Cucumber-Lime

Hello everyone! Sorry about the hiatus! I was giving the other guys some time to drink and come up with reviews but alas they have been slacking. I bought this drink a few months ago at Wal-Mart and naturally I bought it cause of what it claimed to taste like…


Surprisingly I was able to drink the whole can. It was not that bad! I don’t think I’ll be picking any more of these up cause I’m personally not a fan of cucumber. The initial taste tasted like cucumber and lime so they’ve got me there… The more I drank didn’t effect the taste as it stuck with me the whole can.


Per Caffeine Informer, this Rockstar drink has 160 mg of Caffeine.


I wouldn’t pair this with anything to be honest. If I was forced to make a drink with this, I’d put some Gin and ice with it.


I picked Breath of the Wild cause of the crazy cooking combinations you can create. In the game you can just throw in whatever you want and hope that it comes out well! It seems that Rockstar did the same thing here… The mute green color on the can also reminded me of the massive green world of Hyrule.


This drink is going to get 3 outta 5 cucumbers. I like the original idea and for what it’s supposed to be, Rockstar nailed the flavor (whether you think it’s good or not is up to you.)

You have to at least try it!


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