Red Thunder Review

Ahhh Red Thunder, you will find these little beauties at your local Aldi. 4 pack for a couple dollars. It may be a dark pink bovine rip off but at a price like this you can’t pass it up for a taste test and review. Away we go.


There is definitely a predominant sour taste. Like green apple or a very sour cherry. Definitely will make you pucker up and send a jolt down your spine. Very flavourful after the initial sour punch. Not very smooth, a bit rough I would say.


Red Thunder comes in with 80mg of caffeine per 8.4oz can. I would say that it gives me a good wake up even if it’s smaller than your usual energy drink. Perhaps it’s the sourness or maybe it has some extra additives, regardless this one gives me a good kick in the shorts.


If you were going to mix this with any alcohol I would recommend any bottom shelf alchol. The sourness and flavor will over power even the cheapest of vodkas. You could also use it as a substitute for the aforementioned dark pink bovine, perhaps in a Irish Trash Can.


As for a game to pair this with I would say the classic Team Fortress 2.  I think of the Scout with his bonk energy and I believe if he had a choice he would be a big sponsor of Red Thunder.



Over all it gets 4/5 green apples. Taste wise it’s more of a 2 but it’s incredible value, punch, and mixability kicks it up 2 apples to 4. A very versatile energy beverage.

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