Crazy’s Desk

Ah another Crazy’s DiY corner! This time I’m tackling a computer desk. As you can see by the opening picture I have a limited space alcove where my PC setup can go. For years I just had a junk 30$ big box store folding table. But that just wasn’t sturdy enough and my chapstick kept rolling off… So I decided to take the bosses truck to the hardware store this winter and gather my supplies.

Tools & Supplies

I had all the necessary tools at my jobs shop, table saw, chop saw, impact driver, squares and other carpentry equipment. All I got at the hardware store was a couple boxes of fancy stainless screws, a sheet of 3/4in plywood, and some 2x4s. I also needed the measurements of my alcove at home, thankfully I thought of that before and measured the night before. PROTIP – Measure both inside and outside of anything that you need to fit closely, don’t assume anything is square.

The Process

First cuts were to just get the desk top cut out. Then the tricky part was figuring out where the 45° angle braces on the bottom would land and where I would be able to pre drill the holes for the screws. I whipped up a cardboard template to mark where each hole would go then double, triple, AND quadruple checked everything. Chopped my supports and legs and got to drilling and screwing. Amazingly it all worked and it didn’t even rock.

The Details

I almost forgot about my cable management! To fix that I simply cut out a slot on the rear of the desk. Rather than just letting the wires fly all willy nilly in the large slot I pound some nails in to make dividers. But alas what about my headset? At work we use old reams of paper for packing material when shipping. I took one of the big cardboard tubes and chopped off a piece, threw in a couple screws and I have a nice hanger that won’t bungle the padding on the headset.

The Finishing

To finish it I hit the corners with a grinder flap disk (remember I work in a metal shop primarily) to soften them. Then went along all the edges to knock them down. I was going to slap a coat of gloss black on but decided to leave it raw for now, I might need to modify it in some way later. Once I got it home and in place it fit like a glove. It even passed the chapstick test!

There she is. A perfect fit and customized desk. It’s a little tall but I can cut the legs off if need be. I also banged out a nice little foot rest for under the desk.

Difficulty – 6/10

Usefulness – 9/10 (especially since it’s easily modified)

Style – 4/10


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