Crazy’s Monitor Mount


You may have noticed my monitor and how it’s mounted on to my case. It all started (like many of my projects) with a hair brained idea. I wanted to get my tower off the floor and also didn’t want to take up all my desk space. My past monitors have always been on a small platform to boost them up 4in to optimize my veiwing angle, so I had to factor that in as well. With those stipulations my brainstorming began.

Monitor mounting is astonishingly easy, just 4 phillips screws. For some reason I thought it would be much more complicated or perhaps secure. My previous monitor was even easier. That mount just sat flush against the rear of the monitor, my current monitor involved a spacer to get the mount out from the indentation. First I will talk about case mount mk1.

Fabrication– To start with I just held up my monitor roughly where I wanted it against the case. Luckily the top screws lined up about perfect with the top of the case. Next I took some measurements for the 4 screw holes and headed off to work. I drilled some holes in some metal strips about the size of popsicle sticks, then clamped them to some cross pieces and welded them up. Now I needed to figure out some kind of hooks. Protip- you can cut the end of chain link and weld it on to something and have a very cheap, effective hook. That’s exactly what I did.

Mounting– Once I got home I screwed the mount to the monitor, held it up to the case and marked where the holes should land. DO NOT DO THIS. Then I foolishly chucked up my drill and punched some holes in the case, I was reasonably sure I wouldn’t hit the mother board… But I definitely thru some metal chips around in the case. ? Thankfully I was able to vacuum them out good enough and nothing has short circuited and burst into flame… Yet. Next I placed the case where I wanted it on my desk and the monitor slid right into place. It sat level and had a good height to it, I’ve always preferred a taller monitor.

New Monitor– Then came the day every PC man dreams of, upgrade time. A new monitor was purchased and came with a slight problem. The area where the 4 screws went in had an indentation. Not the end of the world tho. I just had to text my wife (I was at work still) to measure the distance between the holes in the case. Then I made up another bracket that screwed in the monitor and added a piece 3/8 steel to boost the hooks out from the mounting area. Got it home that night and it fit perfect. Ordered up a 2 foot HDMI cable and I was good to go!

There it is. A simple way to save space. This will be especially effective at lan parties where we have limited space at a kitchen table.

Difficulty– 5/10 (once again, higher if you don’t have a metal shop at your disposal)

Usefulness– 8/10

Style– 5/10

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