Star Wars: Battlefront II – Early Access Initial Thoughts

Well it appears the EA is struggling with a schedule (we couldn’t figure out when EA access would allow us in for the 10hr trial) but there struggle is our gain!! All the MN218 men were able to finally get some hands on experience with the full Battlefront 2. We’ve bounced around from game to game for the last year, lost in a sea of F2P and mediocre games, but alas EA has come hither and granted us a reuniting game! Here’s what we all thought…

The game is gorgeous, runs smoothly on my PC (90-110 FPS on ultra quality  @ 1440p ) and was definitely fun to play. Had a few glitches with the party system. It wouldn’t show friends online if they opened the game after I was in game. Relaunching the game would then show them online and I could invite them into the party. It’s also going to take me a while to get adjusted to the vehicle controls.

– Species 

Not much has changed about my opinion from the beta. Obviously they added more Star Cards which I’m excited to explore and more maps which I’m also excited to literally explore. I’m looking forward to getting into games faster and for my mouse keys to actually work in game. I loved playing on Starkiller base and so far Leia has been my favorite hero #datass. They need to fix the party issues and I wish your “squad” was the people that were in your party. RIP to partner starting which I loved. It’s a beautiful game and mostly visually overwhelming at times but EA is listening and I think people will like it overall.

– IronRangr

Holy star cards Chewie!!! Personally I enjoyed Battlefront 2015 for it’s simplicity, and I love the pure complexity of it’s sequel. The system is down right overwhelming at first, new cards with new abilities and they all have ranks themselves, however I think after a few hours it’ll feel like home. Truly allowing you to tweak everything and not to mention it will take forever to rank everything up. So long as EA stays on top of balancing (it will be rough for a few weeks no doubt) I think this is a huge improvement!

– Crazy

Species and I were the first to download the 10 hour trial and we got a few rounds in before the rest of the crew jumped on for the night. The attention to detail really impressed me. The ragdolled rebel scum strewn across the hallways as you enter the second death star and how your soldier/hero gets muddy when you run through water and dirt were just a few that came to mind. I also really liked how chaotic the close quarter gameplay was so far. It made me think this is what real battle scenarios would be like, it’s just so intense. It’s the Battlefront I’ve been waiting for!

– Spaceman

So far so good! Already much deeper and better than the 1st. Earning heroes is probably my fav part so far, along with the killer graphics.  It runs very smooth and seems optimized well. I don’t love loot crates but they seem ok so far. Also looking forward to the Singleplayer a lot. No glitches yet for me other than the horrible party system and auto mics on.  Waiting over a few seconds in matchmaking kills me but hopefully this game gets a big enough playerbase to keep it going for awhile. Onward!

– Armor


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