Please Read EA

Battlefront 2 has been out for over 3 months now. I thought I would write a nice letter to EA and hopefully get across my feelings about it.

Dear EA, (ya I know it’s dices game but EA should be cracking there heads)

Battlefront 2 got off to a rough start as we all know, but what is going on there at headquarters. We all here at MN218gaming all bought the game thinking it would be great and boy did it have potential… Emphasis on did.

This easily could have been the best Star Wars game of all time. A single player campaign, big battles, all eras, beautiful graphics, and a slew of different heros and villians. So many good things, and those are truly all really great things about the game. But then you decided to do micro transactions and got the whole world up in arms. Instead of just scrubbing that idea you decide to tell everyone that you will put them back later. Smooth move

Then we come to the glitches and bugs. Every game has them, I have just never seen a game keep them for so long. I personally have experienced several ever since launch (error 2495 popping up all the time, “A Tremendous Service” achiev never unlocking, and in a party unable to mute people) I thought that perhaps no one had reported them. So I fired up your bug reporting site, which is a pain to use btw, and come to find out hundreds of people have the same bugs. I would think that all of these would be easy to fix for a massive game developer but alas still having the same issues. It’s as if the people that work on the game never bother playing it or listening to the people that do. Maybe they’ve moved on to the BF3, just giving up on 2.

EA have you ever heard of the word hype? That’s what companies do when they believe in what they are making and have an actual schedule that they themselves can keep. Why do you announce a big patch/update and release it a few days later? We should all have a schedule of things that are upcoming for the next 2 months for sure. Otherwise everyone that has bought it will lose interest.

That brings us to the final issue. The player base. I honestly don’t know if there is a player base problem, but it takes way to long to get into a game. Those wait times are easily quadrupled if you’re in a party. My personal favorite is when we are in a party and get put in a match with no one else.

Ok pay attention to this part EA. I’m going to tell you exactly how to fix Battlefront 2.

1) Announce that when micro transactions come back it will only be for limited cosmetic items

2) Get a team working on the glitches and roll out patches as they get done, don’t wait to release a bunch at once

3) Release a schedule. Tell us the seasons. Get people excited for what’s to come and when to be on

4) This one might be hard to swallow… Once season 2 is ready to launch drop the price to 20$ and then make it 75% off. That’s right it will cost people 5 dollars to get the game. Then do a big ad campaign saying you fixed everything (but you have to actually fix stuff) and make the micro transactions worth it

Boom. Make it so

The MN218 bois

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