Organic Citrus Amp Review

Big Lots is a great place to pick up odd, obscure, and often bad energy drinks. They seem to get pallets of beverages that have gotten discontinued. Sometimes though, you luck out and get some winners but usually they are just plain bad. This Amp organic was a very nice 99¢ . Let’s see if it holds up:


The first thing I noticed was the nice clear appearance; maybe a tinge of green in there. I like a clear drink because I feel like I’m not ingesting massive amounts of dye (even tho it probably means nothing). The initial taste is a classic lemon-lime pop. Light, refreshing, smooth, and fruity. A welcome surprise, when I was expecting overly sweet. It has a good amount of carbonation and a nice clean after taste.

I am a big fan of the organic Rockstars as well and I would put this at, or maybe even slightly above the Rockstar.  Who knows if the organic actually helps but the fact that the ingredients list is short and easily pronounceable is usually a good sign. It’s not a health drink, but perhaps it’s better than your usual Monster or classic Amp.

Energy levels

Caffeine levels are pretty standard at 120mg per can. It’s clean taste makes it feel more like a standard Sprite or Sierra Mist. I prefer my energy drinks to have a little extra punch to really make it feel like I’m getting an energy kick but I would definitely take this on a hot summer day when I don’t want to drink liquid sugar.


I would pair this drink with a splash of whiskey and the classic Mario Kart 64. It reminds me of sitting in IronRangr’s basement as kids playing the old classic 64. Maybe that whiskey will come in soon when we all get together and play some Kart 8 on the Switch…



I give this pleasant surprise 4 out of 5 carts. Good taste and decent kick but nothing that really makes it stand out. It’s a win for discount energy drinks everywhere!


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