About -MN218-

It all start when we were all waiting for the release of the Star Wars: Battlefront reboot. We thought we should have a squad name for ourselves and originally wanted something that was a Star Wars reference. Taking inspiration from the 501st Squadron, I jokingly suggested the Minnesota 218. Minnesota, since that is where we all live, and 218, since that is the telephone area code for the north half of the state where most of us live. It stuck.

Okay, that explains the name but why start a website? Originally I was running a voice chat server at my home, but decided my internet wasn’t up to the challenge. I started looking at hosted solutions. For the same price as a hosted chat server I could get a virtual server running Ubuntu and my own domain name. Virtual server it was. After I got the chat migrated I realized that the new server had its default web-server up and running. I could have just stopped it, but I love tinkering and soon the site was born. Plus, having a website pretty much makes us pro-gamers.

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