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Crazy’s Desk

Ah another Crazy’s DiY corner! This time I’m tackling a computer desk. As you can see by the opening picture I have a limited space alcove where my PC setup can go. For years I just had a junk 30$ big box store folding table. But that just wasn’t sturdy enough and my chapstick kept rolling off… So I decided to take the bosses truck to the hardware store this winter and gather my supplies. Continue reading Crazy’s Desk


Crazy’s Throne

Crazy here, I realized awhile ago that I have a tendency to make things that I can’t necessarily buy. So I’ve decided to document some of these escapades and perhaps give someone an idea or two that they can use themselves. Without further ado I unveil…. Crazy’s diy corner!

My first project I will discuss is my office chair. Many people would think that it isn’t that important but a good computer chair is great and one with some style and personal flair is even better. I could bore you with some science about posture or proper viewing angles of a monitor, but anywho. On with the project. Continue reading Crazy’s Throne