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Hi, I'm one of the Jakes of the team. I'm often referred to as Little Jake or LJ but you can call me IronRangr. [pronounced EYE-urn RAIN-jer] One of the founding fathers of MN218 Gaming! -IR

Kevita Master Brew Kombucha – Tart Cherry

MN218 gets healthy in today’s addition of Drink Reviews!

IronRangr here. As many of you do not know, I am super healthy. I do not eat or drink sugar nor junk food and I exercise all the time… jk but seriously my wife buys these drinks and they are delicious, probably healthy, and a nice alternative for when you are feeling guilty about drinking too many Rockstars or Monsters. Let me tell you why:

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Rockstar – Blackout

Rockstar Blackout was a drink I wanted to try from when it was recommended to me by one of my teammates, Armor. We play this game where  one of us will buy an energy drink before the others and exclaim, “First” in a Snap-chat featuring the new and mysterious beverage.
Good times.
My purchase of this drink was a result of this social festivity and boy I was not expecting this!

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