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Why Valorant has the best marketing in video games

If you’re a gamer you’ve heard of the hot new game Valorant. Even tho it’s only in closed beta it’s immensely popular and here’s why.

You have to watch a Twitch stream of valorant being played for 2 hours before you’re eligble for a beta key. This is pure genius. Take myself for example, I’m not a twitch fan but all my friends wanted to play this new game. So I had to fire up twitch and watch some streams, something I thought I would never do. This is a win for Twitch, they get more people watching streams and lots of new people to there site, like yours truly. Streamers are also winners. All of a sudden they have people looking for a beta key so they get loads of new viewers. And the final brilliant point of this whole system is that the people watching the streams hopeing for a key are getting familiar with the game before they even play it. That way they aren’t just flying totally blind into a new game. The whole limited amount of people also creates exclusivity. So Twitch wins, streamers win, and the actual game wins.

The final thing that valorant is doing right at this point is that the beta actually works. It had its hiccups (the anticheat seems touchy) but overall it’s working well. So many games are rushed into beta way to quick and die on the vine. The only question now is if Valorant will stick around? I sure hope so

Star Wars: Battlefront II – Early Access Initial Thoughts

Well it appears the EA is struggling with a schedule (we couldn’t figure out when EA access would allow us in for the 10hr trial) but there struggle is our gain!! All the MN218 men were able to finally get some hands on experience with the full Battlefront 2. We’ve bounced around from game to game for the last year, lost in a sea of F2P and mediocre games, but alas EA has come hither and granted us a reuniting game! Here’s what we all thought… Continue reading Star Wars: Battlefront II – Early Access Initial Thoughts

Crazy Star Wars Theories

Some of you may have figured out that we here at enjoy Star Wars. In fact I may say that some of us are a wee bit obsessed. Both Crazy and IronRangr are rabid consumers of nearly all new cannon. With The Last Jedi coming out soon, we have been working through some theories, primarily who is and where did Rey come from and who the heck is Snoke? Let’s iron out some of our crazy theories.

Continue reading Crazy Star Wars Theories

Crazy’s Desk

Ah another Crazy’s DiY corner! This time I’m tackling a computer desk. As you can see by the opening picture I have a limited space alcove where my PC setup can go. For years I just had a junk 30$ big box store folding table. But that just wasn’t sturdy enough and my chapstick kept rolling off… So I decided to take the bosses truck to the hardware store this winter and gather my supplies. Continue reading Crazy’s Desk

Crazy’s Throne

Crazy here, I realized awhile ago that I have a tendency to make things that I can’t necessarily buy. So I’ve decided to document some of these escapades and perhaps give someone an idea or two that they can use themselves. Without further ado I unveil…. Crazy’s diy corner!

My first project I will discuss is my office chair. Many people would think that it isn’t that important but a good computer chair is great and one with some style and personal flair is even better. I could bore you with some science about posture or proper viewing angles of a monitor, but anywho. On with the project. Continue reading Crazy’s Throne

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It was recently discovered that emails from the site were not being delivered. If you had issues with creating an account or resetting your password because of this, try again; the issue should now be resolved.

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