Adieu to Ark

Dear Ark Survival Evolved,

When we got together your glitches were endearing, and your gameplay was often  exhilarating. I’ll never forget taming my first dino with you, or finally surviving a surprise raptor attack in the dark. We need to move on though.

From the start not all my friends liked you. Armor quit hanging out with us after barely meeting you. He saw from the begin what I am just now realizing. I sink hours into you and what do I get in return? Nothing. You let your friends walk all over me. And it wasn’t just once; you let it happen again and again.  I still haven’t figured why you would keep such venomous friends in your life. I understand they are long time friends, but they chase away anyone that tries to get close to you now.

Maybe in the future we can be friends, but for now I need my space.


P.S. – If you find the vault, the code is 2188.

Site Issues

It was recently discovered that emails from the site were not being delivered. If you had issues with creating an account or resetting your password because of this, try again; the issue should now be resolved.

If you’re still having problems drop me a note:
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Liquid Cooled Mini-ITX AMD Ryzen Build – pt. 1

You may be wondering how I can be doing a mini-ITX Ryzen build when there hasn’t been a mini-ITX board released yet for the AM4 platform. I’m not, at least not yet…

This piece will focus on the BitFenix Prodigy case I’ve modified in preparation of the actual build with an overkill water cooling system. This is also my first case mod and custom loop water cooling setup, and because that wasn’t difficult enough I decided to do it in a m-ITX case. We’ll see if I bit off more than I can chew.  Continue reading Liquid Cooled Mini-ITX AMD Ryzen Build – pt. 1

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