N is for Nostalgia

Roughly a year ago when I was awaiting the release of the new Star Wars Battlefront, I often thought back to the original 2 games, released 10 & 11 years prior to the current installment. This brought up fond memories of single player campaigns and split screen instant action battles on my little RCA tube TV. Brimming with anticipation, I could hardly wait for November 17th to roll around. When it finally did, my excitement was at an all time high. After playing several rounds, however, I quickly realized what this game was not: anything resembling the original two, aside from sharing the same name. It just didn’t feel like the battlefront I had come to know and love. There was no real single player campaign to speak of, no space battles, etc. But then again, EA/DICE never claimed that this would be anything like the original Battlefronts. They openly said it was going to be multiplayer focused. And as a multiplayer FPS/3rd person shooter it is a great game. The graphics are phenomenal, the mechanics are great, and there are a plethora of weapons and star cards to suit any player’s fighting style. There are occasionally problems with finding a game to join, but overall I feel as though it’s pretty solid. It’s still no Battlefront 1 or 2, or so I thought… After the Outer Rim DLC (which was fun) and what some would call a lack luster Bespin expansion, the Death Star update was released, not more than 13 hours ago. This is where the title of this review comes into play. When I downloaded the new expansion, I quickly joined a game of Battle Station, the new mode released with the Death Star DLC. It may be my rose-tinted glasses, but I caught a glimpse of the old Battlefronts in this mode. Battling it out in space, targeting the different auxiliary systems on the Star Destroyer and going head to head inside the Death Star reminded me so much of the originals. The comments during every round usually consisted of something along the lines of “this is by far the best expansion”. And I would agree, even after playing only 3-4 hours of this new DLC. So if you’re a player who’s burned out on this game or still on the fence about purchasing DLC, I encourage you to download/purchase the Death Star expansion and see for yourself why those in-round comments have a great deal of validity to them. You won’t regret it!

-nereidspaceman (MN218)

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