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Star Wars: Battlefront II – Early Access Initial Thoughts

Well it appears the EA is struggling with a schedule (we couldn’t figure out when EA access would allow us in for the 10hr trial) but there struggle is our gain!! All the MN218 men were able to finally get some hands on experience with the full Battlefront 2. We’ve bounced around from game to game for the last year, lost in a sea of F2P and mediocre games, but alas EA has come hither and granted us a reuniting game! Here’s what we all thought… Continue reading Star Wars: Battlefront II – Early Access Initial Thoughts

Adieu to Ark

Dear Ark Survival Evolved,

When we got together your glitches were endearing, and your gameplay was often  exhilarating. I’ll never forget taming my first dino with you, or finally surviving a surprise raptor attack in the dark. We need to move on though.

From the start not all my friends liked you. Armor quit hanging out with us after barely meeting you. He saw from the begin what I am just now realizing. I sink hours into you and what do I get in return? Nothing. You let your friends walk all over me. And it wasn’t just once; you let it happen again and again.  I still haven’t figured why you would keep such venomous friends in your life. I understand they are long time friends, but they chase away anyone that tries to get close to you now.

Maybe in the future we can be friends, but for now I need my space.


P.S. – If you find the vault, the code is 2188.